The Desy calf Together with the MOusse is one of the best selling product of our company .The Desy is a smooth halfcalf vith vegetable retanning with a finish that could be aniline , without dyeing or with dyeing in the drums.

The Desy is one kind of leather that the client have to work on brushing or colouring with cream or aniline so it is mostly suitable for Shoes. This halfcalf is a sort of high quality Crust that is tanned inside of our company and it is based on high quality row material making this a very safe product without any breaking or loose problems that are very common on vegetable retanned product.

As well as the Mousse the desy is available in 4 different quality selection:

  • Aster Desy color
  • Ital desy color
  • Top desy color
  • Extra desy color

The ideal thickness of this article is 1.2/1.4 but we also offer one version aroun1.6/1.8 for unlined shoes.