Today The Conceria Bertini Franco is one of the few realty which can ensure to its customers that all the Tanning process is made inside of the company structure with tried and tested receipt created thanks to the great experience of more than 40 years in the sector and the knowlage of our specialized technichans.

All this attention ensure the realisation of extremly safe but at the same time luxurious and handcrafted products ; in order to guarantee high quality product the management decided to avoid fast or syntetic tanning process and use only traditional method .

Even the Row material are selected carefully all our product use Salted or Fresh Row material that came from European Country such as France ,Spain , Neatherlands or North Italy. All the Skin are selected to use them in the best possible way avoiding waste and giving the best possible quality leather to our Customers.

During The Finishing process we want to ensure richness and touch feeling to our leather , we decide to adopt a standard Semi-lucid finish to most of our leather and all our product are full grain that in our opinion ensure the leather a much more unique and handcrafted design .